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9. June 2015

Whether it is an all girls’ trip or a delightful solo retreat, escape onto an exotic spa vacation to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. It is indulgent, luxurious, and relaxing than any other vacation you have ever taken. Amid today’s fast paced lifestyle, your mind and body demands a break…a sojourn to get some rest, try a treatment, and enjoy a quiet time. We bring to you the best spa places around the world, giving you an opportunity to unwind your stress and indulge into the finest comforts of mind, body and soul.

 Phuket, Thailand

Who doesn’t love to have a bit of back massage or a detoxification from time to time! But if you have not tried a spa treatment in Thailand, you have not really lived. Feted as a “spa haven,” Phuket offers a myriad of pamper palaces to let you indulge and get spoiled. Here, the concept of spa blends ancient traditions with natural healing through body massage, herbal baths, meditation, and pursuit of the inner and outer beauty. Traditional Thai massage is renowned globally for its impeccable benefits in preserving good health and fitness. Try the modern treatments that the spa facilities in Phuket offer or indulge into Nuat Phaen Boran for a truly rejuvenating experience.

The best spa resorts in Phuket are Cheraim Spa Village, Anantara Phuket Villas, Mangosteen Resort & Ayurveda Spa, JW Marriott Phuket, Katathani Phuket Beach Resort, and Trisara Phuket Villas & Residences.   

Sedona, United States

Indulge into unparalleled mind and body healing in the spiritual Sedona, the hub of yoga, personal enrichment, and rejuvenating retreats. The rugged desert setting exudes a unique inspiring and regenerative appeal that is idea to unwind and relax. The visually striking red rocks at the backdrop has an energizing healing effect on the mind, body and soul, presenting a holistic approach to complete health and well-being.

The best spa places in Sedona are A Sunset Chateau B&B Inn, Hilton Sedona Spa, Enchantment Resort, and Sedona Rogue Hotel.

 Tulum, Mexico

Traditional Maya spa of Mexico is renowned globally for relaxation, peace of mind and indulgence. Whether you would love to swim in the azure sea or slim like the supermodels, the Yucatan spa haven – Tulum – offers every reason to escape onto a blissful spa vacation. Presenting a perfect concoction of spiritual Maya massage rituals and modern western therapies, this is the best place to relax in peace and absolute serenity. Discover the secret to tension release and find the path to personal enhancement and enrichment amid a plethora of spa rituals and therapies to heal your mind, body and soul. 

The most acclaimed Yucatan spa havens are Maya Tulum, Hotel Escencia, Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa, and Encantada, offering a delightful combination of luxury rooms and suites overlooking the sandy beach, and enchanting holistic treatments.

Istanbul, Turkey  

Experience the venerable Turkish bath in one of the Istanbul’s premier spa facilities – a rejuvenating and healing enrichment like never before! The traditional spa therapies and treatments will let your discover the rich cultural heritage of a place steeped in antiquity. Ancient healings blend with modern science to provide the most enriching experience ever. Istanbul is the ultimate place to indulge into authentic Turkish massage and steam bath – the secret to complete healing and rejuvenation.

Exotic spa centers in Istanbul are Sanitas Spa at Kempinski Hotel, Laveder Spa at Ritz-Carlton, Hotel Les Ottomans, and Cagaloglu Hamam. 

Budapest, Hungary

Blessed with 118 natural springs and boreholes, Budapest is often hailed as the “city of spas.” The city offers a blissful variety of astounding healing baths that attract travelers from around the world. From the striking 16th century Turkish pool with Ottoman architecture – Rudas Spa to the glittering Gellert Baths or the medieval neo-Baroque Szechenyi Spa, Budapest offers the most enriching spa experience ever. The city attracts thousands of travelers every year in pursuit of bliss, luxury and spiritual upliftment.

The best spa resorts in Budapest are Danubius Health Spa Resort and Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace.

Hawaii, United States

Perhaps there are as many kinds of spas in Hawaii as there are colors of profound volcanic sand. One of the best spa destinations in the world, the coastal paradise provides the ultimate backdrop of blue sea, sugar-kissed sand, and stunning natural beauty to soothe your mind and body. Choose from a myriad of unique Hawaiian takes on ancient spa therapies and treatments, including volcanic ash facial, seashell massage, or hot lava stone therapy. Discover the healing effects of the waters of Watsu, a renowned water-based shiatsu form.

The leading spa resorts in Hawaii are Hilton Hawaiian Village, JW Marriott Ko Olina Resorts and Spa, and Turtle Bay Resort.

Bali, Indonesia 

Brimming with exemplary spa resorts, Bali is one the top spa destinations in Asia. The beautiful tropical paradise is known for its distinctively healing techniques and massage treatments that include reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure, and stretching. Soak up the ambiance and indulge yourself amid the bliss of authentic Balinese massage. There are many exotic spa resorts in Bali, which attract travelers from around the globe in pursuit of personal enhancement, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

The most acclaimed spa centers in Bali are Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, Spa Village Tembok Bali, Maya Ubud Resort and Spa, and Starwood Hotels.


If that wasn’t enticing enough, the amazing Fiji Island provides a plethora of relaxation options; thanks to some of the top-notch spa resorts that offer distinctive and unique healing therapies and treatments. Choose from an array of options, from traditional Fijian authentic Bobo massage done with local nut oils to algae wraps and Thalgo mud therapy that tops the healing options. For a truly unique and blissful experience, visiting the spa resorts in Fiji is a must.

The must-visit spa places in Fiji are Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa, Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa, Hotel Sofitel Fiji Resort, and the Westin Denarau Resort and Spa. 

Make your spa vacation even more memorable and enriching with E Vacations Club. We take you on a blissful sojourn of absolute healing and rejuvenation amid the world’s best spa resorts. Discover the blissful blend of ancient therapies and modern treatments to give your mind, body and soul a perfect retreat. 


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