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5. June 2015

Travel in your preferred budget!

The tagline often claimed by travel businesses usually proves nothing more than a publicity stunt. Not all travel programs are within budget. When it comes to top-class resorts, international flights and luxury travel packages, holiday plans further turn into distant dreams.

What if there is a fool-proof system in which you pay an affordable annual renewal fee and access the major travel benefits and rewards for the entire year? E-vacations Club introduces its ‘Members Only’ License to bring exclusive and irresistible offers for those who value vacations as the sought-after breaks from the tiring journey called life. Truly enticing are the benefits offered. Read on to know more!

Overview of the Program

Sign-up for the membership program and become eligible to book some of the premium vacation accommodation options like resorts and condominiums at the exotic locations across Europe and other parts of the world. The club ties up with the reputed players of the global travel and hospitality industry to offer a restriction-free and low price vacation experience without compromising with quality and expectations. 

While this is just an outline, the following sections discuss in detail the benefits of subscribing to this lucrative travel membership program.

Great Alternatives to Choose From

Based on the specific traveler needs, the program offers 4 amazing options that aptly suits to the individual travel schedules and budgets. These include:

  • Resort Weeks: These are weeks that are offered with up to 60% off published rates. Here you will find weeks at resorts to be enjoyed for a full week. There are two types of resort weeks in this category: Resort Hot Weeks at less than $500 and Resort Premium Weeks at more than $500.
  • Hot Weeks: These are weeks at resorts to be enjoyed also for a full week, with prices of less than $500 for the week for travel within the next 90 days.
  • Great Escapes: Book a full week of travel at prices lower than $299 for travel within 15 days of date of search.
  • Premium Nights: Search for nightly stays at over more than 100,000 hotels wherever you want to travel, whatever dates you need begin and for as many nights as you need.  We guarantee lowest price online.  Guarantee is explained below.

Lowest Prices Guarantees at One Stop

E-vacations Club adds unparalleled value to its program by providing additional services under one roof. An important aspect is that the club offers price matching guarantees for each of these services, offering great discounts and e-rewards if a member proves lower prices available at some other source. These include:

  • Book lowest price flights. The club recently launched AA Direct Connect Feature in association with American Airlines and Farelogix. Members of the club now have access to the best AA airfare with no hidden fees. 
  • Choose among 100,000 hotels and enjoy lowest price deal along with up to 30% discount.
  • Lowest rate transfers and car rentals
  • Cruise trips at same prices as quoted by the cruise lines, along with rebate up to 5%
  • Lowest price packages (designed by the club) and discounts up to 8% for the packages offered by third parties.
  • Lowest price and the best coverage travel insurance

Tempting e-Rewards and Discounts

Members of the program get to enjoy e-rewards through Loyalty Programs and Frequent Traveler Programs. The club offers Global Reward Dollars whenever the members book online the following services:

E-rewards are also offered when the members:

  • Pay their annual renewal fees
  • Refer the program to others

In addition, the members earn discounts (paid as rewards or rebates) up to:

  • 60% for condos
  • 12% for vacation packages (club-owned)
  • 8% for vacation packages (third-party owned)
  • 15% for auto booking
  • 10% for cruises
  • 20% for travel insurance

The Real Benefits Summarized

  • Plan during Any Part of the Year: No season-based restriction. Members are free to book up to 3 weeks of vacation per year at the condominiums of their choice. The club lists more than 2,200 resorts worldwide, most of which are out of your reach until you become a club member.
  • Exceptional Holiday Destinations: From Paris to Orlando to Caribbean Islands or any other amazing destination. From romantic honeymoon to family vacation or adventure vacation. E-vacations Club turns your dream vacations into reality and that too at attractive prices.
  • Handpicked Accommodations: Book 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos or choose among luxury 3, 4 or 5 star resorts with comprehensive list of amenities and facilities. Stay near beaches, at the city centers or at locations with fascinating backdrops.
  • Outstanding Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of booking everything from accommodations to air travel and transfers, care rentals and cruise trip online from the comfort of your home. The secure reservation systems of the club are available 24/7.
  • Easy-to-redeem Rewards: No blackout dates, easy hotel room upgrades, cash and point award nights and some unbelievable redemption options are available exclusively for the club members.
  • Share or Gift: The club allows its members to share the program benefits with their loved ones and special friends on the occasions like honeymoons, birthdays, anniversary celebrations and graduation.
  • Customized Packages: Create your own vacation package to match your schedule and entertain your preferences. The club experts would assist you in this direction.

The biggest advantage is, however, the restriction-free, the hassle-free and absolutely relaxing vacation with expenses never flowing out of your planned budget. Enjoy instant confirmation for every booking done with one of the largest and most prestigious travel clubs in the world. Contact the club today, subscribe to the programs and start receiving all the benefits right away. Planning a rewarding vacation was never so easier and convenient!  

Got any special request? Feel free to let us know and we would make the best efforts to fulfill the same.

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