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Traveling Tools for Expert Authors

11. February 2015
Taking a writing vacation may be just what the editor ordered to recharge and renew your verve for writing. This vacation season, don’t miss out on an opportunity to write your most-informative, most-inspired article yet. Bring these author-friendly items with you when you’re writing on-the-go or traveling in general. Laptop – Typing increases writing efficiency. Bringing a laptop with you on your vacation may help you get more writing done in the time it would take to write it out long hand and then transcribe it later. Skip the transcribing step: bring your laptop. Journal and Pen – For those trips where Internet access is not an option, there’s the classic journal and pen combination. Even if you do have Internet access, this combination has been known to help authors fight writer’s block and get those creative juices flowing no matter where they are. Use a pen (or pencil) to randomly scrawl notes and a writing journal to keep ideas bound together (and eliminating the need to hunt for disjointed scraps of paper when you get home).

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